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As with all channeled messages please take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t.

Channelled with love


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Watch the candle burning brighter
Let it flicker let it glow
And the wax drips down in patterns
In its full creative flow
But our source flame is unending
And creation will not cease
As we express our light
Of our harmony and peace
Dear one know creation
As it’s hear to be aglow
As you become ever illumined
In your growing of all you know
We are all creation
In all it’s patterns and it’s light
And all you live in love
Will always be alright

Dear one please keep shining
You are blossoming and free
All you live in love
Is illuminating all you see
All you live in light
Is the glowing of your soul
And all you live in harmony
is one with all and whole
Try not to bounce you neighbour
To the other side of all
All become illumined
Even if at first they fall
Happiness is everything
Its beaming out your light
And with a warming smile
Many hearts you do ignite

For everything you are
Your ever magnifying light
Everything you do in love
Lifts you, eternally in flight
Hear me as I’m speaking
As I will never go away
Listen I am with you
With you hear and now today
Everything is true
Of everything I have to say
Dear one my creation
I created you to play
I created you to know my love
And joy in every day
Know and shine your light Dear one
And I will guide your way




Water Wonderland

The echo of the rippled symmetry
Of circles magnifying out
As your going down into the depths
Of a magical different world

Looking up at the dancing display
Of the sparkling beams of light
Within the ropes of water weeds
Towering up and up above

Nearby fish are passing
And there bubbles floating upwards
A seahorse with its spiralling tail
Wrapped in rocking motion

Hear is an eternity of tranquillity
Of flowing translucent energy
A gentle timelessness
Of Interconnected all

Nature’s blissful flowing movement
In the gravitational pull of the moon
The mystical glow in the night
The warm rising amber of the dawn

Dolphins joyful laughter
Echos through the sound of the waves
The salty water spray
Of white froth and reflected colours

And in the last of the night air
The deep song of the whale
Carries far far beyond
Riding on the wind


Just in humour….

Soft cotton blankets, baby’s cry
The teddy bear, that lost an eye
Sleeping Grandma, summer sun
Mermaid tail just for fun
Seaweed hair, Grandads Stare
Buckle up for the ride of your life!

Corridors of voices, brand new school
Crazy teacher trying to be cool
Interesting doodles, blackboard too
Fight breaks out in detention cue
HOW MANY PAGES? it’s been ages!
Buckle up for the ride of your life

Got the grades, resounding cheer
Time to mix tequila with beer
Interesting night, – what a sight!
Well done mate! You got a date
But if dinner is late, she’ll eat the plate!
Buckle up for the ride of your life

Why oh why did I agree to this?
Howling tantrums, midnight bliss!
Soggy biscuits in the bath
I’m checking out! GET ME STAFF
Having fun! Having a laugh!
Buckle up for the ride of your life

There all grown up, and going out
Catch her outfit start to shout!
How much did you pay for that?!
Got more material in my hat!
I’m not a fool! You don’t look cool!
Buckle up for the ride of your life

And hear we have it me and you
Bottle of wine just for two
Older and wiser and… get out the gin!
She’s growing a whisker on her chin!
I mumble like that? She’s deaf as a bat!
Buckle up for the ride of your life




Bubbles of colours
Spinning round and around
Bubbles so simple so perfect in form
Bubbles they rise so light and so high
… Floating into the sky
Around the trees on that gentle breeze
Mesmerisingly Magical, Wonderful and –

_ There they splatter into the ground
Magic now lost, as if it never was
The splatter not even be found –

Where is the light the lifting up high
Where is the smile the twinkling of eye
Where are the dreams the wishing to fly
Where is the truth I once knew

Where is the simple purity of form
Where is the joy of the child
Where is the heart bursting of love
Simple magical intrigue and pure

All you have CHOSEN
…… Then why did I chose
The fragmentation, so much to lose
Why did I give up the truth of my soul

Dear one you know
All that will glow
All that will jump start your heart
Don’t be afraid
Of the mess that was made
That transitions into the new

All you have seen,
All you have been
Is the contrast you where willing to chose
You will not understand
You must take my hand
And chose to awaken your soul
You know you are pure and magically whole
You know the joy, of the girl and the boy
Who haven’t forgotten to dream

The dream is alive
You know you will thrive
The Magic IS you
Of all you once knew
You looked on in wonder and awe….
…….  See what you ARE
Don’t look from afar
At the bubbles rising so high
……. For its YOU that can fly


Channelled with love

Stand within sovereignty
Sing the song of your soul
Illuminate the nation
With a heart embracing goal
Remember all are family
Of different creed and kin
Each ignite the light
Of the deeper soul within
Remember how the candle
Can illuminate the room
And each and every one
Can beam out to the moon
You think you are so limited
You do not understand
As each are one and one is God
There is no better hand
So hear me as I’m speaking
I’m not so far away
Hear me in you memories
Of a very different day
The day when you were one
With leaf and sky and sea
The day when you were one
And not forgotten me





Dear ones do you not know?
It’s as if we cannot tell you
We wish we could show you
It is yourself that makes you separate
And what is separateness
The boundary between something and something else
The place where they meet, is the place where they are the same
Are we the rainbow reflected drop in the sea, or are we the sea?
We are both
We are the flame of infinite potential
Because we are also the fire
Like a candle Yes we are the light
Do not be afraid of your light
Yet we have also been the dark?
Only as a contrast to your light
Is it not that so you shine you cast a shadow?
Yet what is that shadow that I must cast?
It is creativity not yet created
Light not yet come to life
Because as you shine so you create
And out of the darkness so you give birth to the new
Aspiring to be light looked on in wonder
And yet it is yourself
Whom you love with all of your heart
And nurture from their illusion of separateness
Come bring in your children as you create evermore
Because you are the creator


Out of illusion

Only the dissolving of the ego
For there is no self
Only the blissful interconnection of the,
Whole Universe
And a deep sense of presence
Of absolute togetherness
Of every living being
In infinite creation
Until the end of time
But there is no time
For time is an illusion
Just as the illusion of the self
Is dissolved into the sun

Fly with me
Across the stars
Around the surface of the moon
To the beginning of time
And see that it’s a story
A story with no end
And no beginning
And see that as we are one
So we must be separate
As one cannot exists without the other,
Perceiving itself and growing
In eternal motion of infinite potential
I am you and you are I
It is love that keeps us together
And apart,
Yet there is no apart
I am manifested in you
You are manifested in me
And there is no distinction but love



All poems © copyright Sarah White

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